One Under-the-Radar Investment Is Helping Investors Thrive Even in the Face of Potential Market Collapse

Fueled by $369 billion in government giveaways and incentives, one sector is now helping investors preserve and even build wealth in spite of the falling market

Revealed: How one company’s disruptive mining technology appears set to transform a “worthless” 1,977-acre parcel of land into a hugely valuable new source of lithium … and offer explosive upside potential for early investors

One under-the-radar company could soon deliver potential windfall profits to early investors…even in the midst of high inflation and a falling U.S. stock market.

Learn 6 surprising reasons why one little-known company could soon deliver potential windfall profits to early investors…even in the midst of high inflation, a creeping recession and a falling U.S. stock market.

Lithium mining stocks have been fueled by Biden’s massive energy handouts to soar as much as 210% in the midst of a widespread overall stock market decline.

We’ve had many major economic collapses in our history – and we appear to be in the midst of another significant one right now.

Yet even in a period that saw the S&P 500 and NASDAQ drop 19.4% and 33.1% respectively in 2022, one surprising group of stocks has helped investors preserve their wealth … and even thrive in this difficult market.

As is always the case, investors who are prepared for difficult markets – and who know where to find opportunity – can continue to build wealth even in the face of a market collapse.

And the group of stocks that now appears to offer investors with the most attractive, high-upside opportunities is lithium mining stocks.

Thanks to a historic supply-demand imbalance for lithium – and President Biden’s unprecedented handout of $369 billion to the renewable energy sector – investment in lithium is surging.

And lithium mining stocks skyrocketed as much as 153.09% in 2022 – even as the S&P 500 and NASDAQ were cratering!

My name is David Morgan, and I’m publisher and CEO of The Morgan Report. For more than 20 years I’ve been helping my subscribers weather storms … like the economic mess our country is in today.

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My research recently turned up an under-the-radar exploration company with a groundbreaking new lithium extraction technology.

The little-known lithium development company that now employing this technology is Recharge Resources (OTC: RECHF).

As you’re about to see, this transformational company is potentially sitting on an enormous amount of lithium – with projections in the billions of dollars!

I just recently introduced Recharge Resources (OTC: RECHF) to my subscribers at The Morgan Report, and now I want to share with you my 6 reasons why Recharge Resources (OTC: RECHF) is positioned to bring potential windfall profits in the months ahead.

Reason #1: Lithium mining stocks have been soaring even in the face of a potential market collapse …

Experts remain bullish on lithium prices, despite recent market volatility and the potential for a prolonged global slowdown.

The “green energy” transition is driving a significant increase in demand for electric vehicles and energy storage systems. With this increase comes sky-high growth in the demand for lithium for their batteries.

One beneficiary of this growing megatrend is lithium mining stocks, which were seeing red-hot growth even before the Inflation Reduction Act was signed into law.

Albemarle Corporation (NYSE:ALB): $172.09 to $325.38 – “Soared 89%”

SQM (NYSE:SQM): $72.07 to $111.03 – “Climbed 54%”

 Livent Corp (NYSE:LTHM): $19.86 to $33.62 – “Surged 69%”

And for all of 2022, Sigma Lithium Corp (NASDAQ:SGML): skyrocketed 153.09%!

As lithium demand begins to outstrip supply — which is expected as early as 2025 — large lithium deficits will further drive growth in lithium mining stocks.

And as you’re about to see, Recharge Resources (OTC: RECHF) has the potential to ride this megatrend and deliver even greater profits for investors in the months ahead.

Reason #2: Massive government subsidies and incentives have “turbocharged” the lithium market  

Electric vehicle sales are soaring to new highs, with massive government incentives in place to encourage purchases from consumers, corporations and municipalities alike.

President Biden wants electric vehicles to account for 50% of new car sales by 2030.

On his first day in office, he signed Executive Order 14005 ordering the entire U.S. Federal Government fleet of 650,000 vehicles transitioned to EV.


Then in February, the Biden Administration set aside nearly $5 billion to jumpstart the construction of a network of 500,000 EV chargers by 2030.

It also earmarked $2.5 billion in competitive charging-related grants and is offering a $12,500 tax credit to those who buy electric cars. And then last summer came the unprecedented $369 billion cash infusion into “green energy” – in the form of the so-called Inflation Reduction Act

This massive package of government incentives has effectively wrapped key sectors – including lithium mining – in a protective bubble, making them virtually immune to a recession.

Major automakers have taken the bait and most have now committed to switching from gas-powered cars to hybrids or fully electric cars. Ford, GM, and Chrysler have pledged that one in two cars manufactured in 2030 will be zero emissions.

And many automakers such as GM, Ford, and Volvo — to name a few — have announced plans to stop manufacturing gas cars by 2035 and go full EV.

In all, over 40 automakers are making EVs today, and the International Energy Agency (IEA) predicts 230 million new EVs could be on the road by 2030 — up from 5.6 million in 2021.

Of course, all of these new EVs will require batteries in order to run…and those batteries will require millions of tons of lithium.

In spite of a projected increase in lithium production over the next several years, increasing demand will continue to cause the gap between supply and demand to widen, causing higher lithium prices to remain a reality.

While amounts vary depending on the battery type and model of vehicle, a single car lithium-ion battery pack could contain around 17.6 pounds (8 kg) of lithium, according to figures from Argonne National Laboratory.

That means the world is going to need at least one million metric tons of lithium by the end of the decade.

To put that into context, lithium mines produced an estimated total of just 100,000 metric tons globally in 2021, a peak in production.

This continued demand – potentially driving lithium prices even higher – means that any lithium exploration company that can bring new sources of lithium to market could see a spike in its share price.

Recharge Resources (OTC: RECHF) right now appears to offer investors one of the very best ways to play this red-hot lithium market for maximum profit potential.

But continued growing demand for EVs isn’t the only reason that finding new sources of lithium is so important…

Reason #3: Desperate times are here: It’s critical to U.S. national security that we develop new sources of lithium and reduce our dependence on China.

America needs to beef up its lithium supply chain or face a catastrophic shortage that could imperil our economic and national security.

That’s the conclusion of a recent U.S. government report that declared lithium “essential” to U.S. economic security and “critical” to U.S. national security.

National Security Advisor, Jake Sullivan, and National Economic Council Director, Brian Deese, concluded the U.S. must secure reliable and sustainable supplies of critical minerals such as lithium “to ensure resilience across U.S. manufacturing and defense needs.

That’s because lithium is now at the heart of vital industries such as transportation, communications, and energy storage.

However, perhaps its most overlooked use is that lithium’s critical for powering the U.S. military’s equipment and weapons systems.

America’s military, like every other aspect of modern life, is increasingly dominated by high-tech devices powered by lithium-ion batteries. In fact, just about every piece of equipment crucial to the success of U.S. warfighters on the battlefield is powered by a lithium battery.

And the reliance on lithium-powered equipment is expected to grow exponentially as the next generation of weapons come online.

This is increasingly problematic because with America’s own lithium reserves and production at dangerously low levels, the U.S. has become more dependent on imports of lithium and other critical minerals than ever before – including from China.

China has more lithium reserves, and far greater lithium production, than the U.S.

In 2021, Chinese lithium production was 14,000 metric tons. That’s roughly 14 times U.S. production. And Chinese lithium reserves, at 1.5 million metric tons, are twice U.S. levels.

U.S. lithium battery imports are soaring!

China has the western world over a barrel when it comes to critical supplies of lithium. This makes developing new sources – as Recharge Resources is working to do – so important to the United States moving forward.

China accounted for 80% of U.S. lithium-ion battery imports in the fourth quarter of 2021. That’s up from less than 50% in the fourth quarter of 2020, as the country nearly quadrupled its shipments to the United States.

If China were to shut off lithium-related exports to the U.S., it could spell disaster for the economic and security interests of the U.S.

So, it’s clear to see why there could be so much excitement about Recharge Resources Ltd. (OTC:RECHF).

With potentially one of the world’s largest lithium prizes and a new technology to help bring the lithium to market, Recharge Resources could soon become an important new source of lithium for the U.S., while delivering potential bear market profits to investors.

Reason #4: Recharge Resources’ new mining tech poised to revive a property with potentially $65.7 billion worth of lithium


Just recently, Recharge Resources (OTC:RECHF) acquired what could potentially be one of the world’s largest lithium prizes – a 1,977 acre-property located in the Salta province of Argentina.

That property, known as the Pocitos 1 Lithium Salar, had been explored by its previous owner. And it was considered to be too costly – and too difficult – for extraction. Based on test drilling, geologists believe that this property could contain vast amounts of lithium.

Based on test drilling, geologists believe that this property could contain 790,000 metric tons of lithium valued at in the tens of billions of dollars.

And thanks to the innovative new mining technology Recharge Resources is deploying, this property could soon be producing an enormous amount of lithium.

In fact, experts project the property could produce an average of 20,000 metric tons of carbonate a year. And it can be done cost-effectively with a few strategically placed drill holes. At current prices, that amount of lithium would bring in around $1.2 billion a year for decades to come.

At current prices, that amount of lithium would bring in almost a billion dollars a year for decades to come.

Here’s how this new technology works:

Lithium is typically found in underground aquifers of salt-rich water known as brine. This brine usually contains between 100 and 1,000 parts per million (ppm) of lithium. It’s pumped into a series of large, shallow ponds on the surface where solar evaporation concentrates the lithium in the brine to about 6,000 ppm.

From there, the brine goes to a processing plant where it’s chemically treated to extract and refine the lithium. The entire process is a lengthy one, taking anywhere from 18 to 24 months. This was the initial plan for Recharge Resources’ Pocitos 1 property.

Based on test drilling, geologists believe there is a vast amount of carbonate under foot at Pocitos 1 – miles wide, miles long…and over 1,300 feet deep.

Thanks to this test drilling, the original owners knew about the vast deposits of lithium rich brine beneath the property. But they also discovered magnesium on the property, which has a strong bond with lithium and can make the refining process more complicated.

The mine’s original owners determined that it would be cost-prohibitive for them to refine using traditional mining techniques. So shortly after the discovery of magnesium, the owners of Pocitos 1 sold off the “worthless” property to Recharge Resources (OTC: RECHF).

Little did they know, Recharge Resources (OTC: RECHF) had an ace up its sleeve in the form of a renowned geologist — and energy-sector legend in Argentina — named Phillip Thomas.

Phillip is famous in the industry for having led the Rincon Lithium project that sold to Rio Tinto for $825 million, as well as the Pozuelos lithium project that sold to Ganfeng Lithium for $925 million.

More importantly, he recently teamed up with a brilliant group of engineers at the University of Melbourne to develop a groundbreaking new chemical solvent exchange process that’s able to break the strong magnesium-lithium bond.

The result is a proprietary process for extracting lithium from magnesium-rich brine that’s fast, effective, and profitable.

Not only that, it has a 97.1% recovery rate of the lithium from the brine. Ultimately, producing 99.6% pure carbonate This is a remarkable achievement in itself when you consider that surrounding mines only have a 60% to 70% recovery rate with traditional brining methods.

Bottom line: This breakthrough innovation turned Pocitos 1 from a worthless plot of barren land into a massive mining project that could produce lithium valued at more than $1.2 billion annually.

Better yet, this new process – known as EkosolveTM – is light years faster than conventional methods.

With the EkosolveTM process, the brine is pumped directly into a filtering and washing system that extracts and refines the lithium using a continuous, four-stage process. It then returns the leftover brine back to the source aquifer where it came from. In other words, it eliminates the need for evaporation ponds, which take up many acres and blight the landscape.

Furthermore, it takes a mere three hours — yes, just three hours — instead of the 18 to 24 months required with conventional processing.

The EkosolveTM technology is also faster, more efficient and environmentally sustainable — with minimal disruption to the environment and local communities. And Recharge Resources (OTC: RECHF) couldn’t be unveiling this trailblazing new technology in a better place.


Reason #5: Recharge Resources is tapping into the what geologists believe could be the most lithium-rich brine in Argentina.

One of the most important factors geologists look for in lithium mining is brine flow.

To retrieve brine from underground aquifers, geologists typically drill a 1.5 meter well and use a submersible pump to bring the brine to the surface.

Geologists generally look for a minimum brine flow rate of 10,000 liters per minute. That’s because a higher flow rate indicates a larger aquifer, with a more significant lithium deposit.

In many of the unsuccessful projects, the flow stops completely within a few hours to a few days. But in the case of Pocitos 1, they estimated a flow rate of 100-130,000 liters per hour under its own pressure — for five straight hours — before the well valve was turned off.

This indicates a massive reservoir of lithium-rich brine beneath the property, making it what geologists believe could be the largest known geopressured brine reservoir in Argentina. As mentioned earlier, based on test drilling, geologists believe there is more than 790,000 metric tons of lithium carbonate under foot at Pocitos 1.

This is also significant when it comes to production, because a high natural flow rate eliminates the need to use pumps. That means lower capital expenditure and production costs.


Another of the advantages at Pocitos 1 is the depth of the aquifer.

The mines surrounding Pocitos 1 are relatively shallow. For example, Rio Tinto’s nearby Rincon Lithium Project is just 100 meters below the surface.

This is a significant problem for most of the mines. Every time it rains or snows, they get fresh water running over the top mixing in with the brine and diluting it. This can set the process back by weeks, or even months, while greatly increasing operational costs.

However, the brine deposits at Pocitos 1 are around 360 meters below the surface of the salar. And the rain and snow runoff rarely goes that deep in any significant quantity.

This means they’re tapping brine that’s been confined underground, untouched for millions of years.

This older brine has a much higher concentration of lithium.

Bottom line… according to Phillip Thomas, who is the primary geologist on the project, Pocitos 1 is a potentially massive lithium reserve that has the perfect hydrological conditions to allow for significant lithium production.

For these reasons, and more, investors should immediately focus their attention on Recharge Resources Ltd. (OTC:RECHF) as a way to potentially profit from the lithium megatrend.


Reason #6: Recharge Resources has the potential to make a staggering amount of money, sending its stock price sharply higher and delivering windfall profit potential for early investors

Lithium traded as high as $86,000 per metric ton as of November 2022, according to Fastmarkets.

Though lithium prices have fluctuated since that peak, experts estimate that the price will eventually stabilize between $30,000 and $65,000 per metric ton. Estimating an average price of $55,000 per metric ton, the Pocitos 1 Lithium Salar’s projected output of 20,000 metric tons per year could generate more than $1.1 billion annually.

With a projected capital expenditure of $235 million to get the EkosolveTM plant up and running — plus annual operating costs of $35 to $40 million — Recharge Resources (OTC: RECHF) could see an after-tax return on their initial investment in as little as three months.

That’s why investors need to look closely, then make their move while its share price is still low and Recharge is still an early-stage opportunity. Especially, given that it’s one of the best opportunities I’ve seen yet for investors to buy bargain stocks in a bear market.

And I’m likely not the only one who feels strongly about the potential for Recharge Resources (OTC: RECHF).

At this very moment, enormous investment capital is pouring into Argentina for lithium projects, with big miners eager to acquire up-and-coming mining operations. That potential for acquisition makes Recharge Resources (OTC: RECHF) an even more attractive potential investment.

Just in the past year, Argentina’s lithium triangle has been a hotbed for mergers and acquisitions activity, as the race to secure lithium supplies heats up:

  • Chinese major Zijin Mining acquired Neo Lithium for $770 million…
  • Lithium Americas acquired Millennial Lithium for $482 million after an intense bidding war with China’s CATL, the world’s largest lithium-ion battery producer…
  • Rio Tinto Group acquired the Rincon Mining project for $825 million, as the world’s second-biggest miner accelerates its push into battery materials.

With tight supply and soaring demand, lithium prices are likely to continue to increase.

That means future acquisitions are likely to be priced substantially higher, simply because the lithium is so much more valuable — and Recharge Resources could be a prime target.


Bottom line: Recharge Resources is one of the most attractive investment opportunities I’ve seen

There’s so much more to the Recharge Resources (OTC: RECHF) story than I have room to discuss here. In fact, I consider this to be one of the most attractive investment opportunities I’ve seen – and that’s in spite of the bear market and a potential recession staring the U.S. in the face.

I’ve prepared an in-depth Special Report that takes an even closer look into this game-changing lithium opportunity and why it could be such a big winner for early investors even in a down market.

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The truth is that unless you get private insights and analysis as to what is “really happening” in the markets, the ability to build and preserve your wealth is diminished. You will always have an edge over the average resource investor because of my inside knowledge of the industry.

You will know when a certain sector, such as energy metals, becomes hot. We’ll also tell you what to buy and what to avoid, where the big brokerage houses are placing money and if that matches what the public is being told.

When you truly understand the drivers behind the economy and financial markets, you can have greater control of your life and your finances. As a member of The Morgan Report you will know precisely how to navigate these markets, protect your wealth and potentially become rich.


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An opportunity you can’t afford to miss

Recharge Resources (OTC: RECHF) could be the next big winner for my members and me.

With lithium demand “locked in” thanks to a worldwide shift toward electric vehicles … this is a lithium company sure to offer explosive upside potential for investors.

So, I urge you to consider doing these two things now:

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